Published on: March 13, 2021
Written by: M. Koster
Categories: Tech Tips | Yoga Tips
YogaReg, a registration system designed for yoga studios, announced its closure in late fall 2020. Since then I have provided support for yoga studios transitioning out of YogaReg. As of this writing, there are less than three weeks left before YogaReg shuts down at midnight on March 31, 2021.

Based on my experience, here are my tips for Finding a new registration system and transitioning out of YogaReg to wherever you land:

Finding a new registration system

Here are my tips for finding a new registration system:

Step 1. Determine your business rules

Write down details about how your business works. These become the requirements that you need your new registration system to be able to handle. You can divide the list into “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” – and be prepared to be flexible. If you are moving out of YogaReg which offered Registration Sessions (the ability for a student to enroll in a a recurring class for a set number of weeks with one payment), you may find that Registration Sessions cannot be implemented in the same way in other registration systems.

Beyond basic class registration, useful features to explore include: liability waivers, reporting, ability to send emails to students.

Step 2: Establish a budget for your new system

The cost of yoga and fitness registration systems ranges widely. Features range just as widely.

Some systems are comprehensive (these have a high monthly fee and give you access to all of the system features, including options such as newsletter capability and website integration) and others offer a lower monthly fee and offer a-la-carte features that you can add-on.

This is a great opportunity for cost consolidation, and you may be able to reduce or cancel other technology services that you are using.

Explore the costs for your “must-haves”. Be sure to ask about the service fees involved in taking registrations and payments. Ask questions about what options you have for payment processing. Will processing fees be added to your bill in addition to the monthly cost? Will any fees be passed onto the students at checkout?


Step 3: Investigate 2-3 registration systems

I found it helpful to select 2-3 registrations systems that best match your requirements to set-up demos. For each of those systems, I recommend that you:

  1. Set up test data in the administrative account, for example: create several test classes, workshops, private sessions, class passes/packages, and anything else you plan to offer.
  2. Create a test student on the admin side, then login as that student. Buy a class and other offerings to experience the new system from the student point of view..
  3. Examine how the student’s purchases show up in the admin account.
  4. Examine how the student views purchases and what email confirmations come to the student’s email address.

Repeat this process for any registration system that you are seriously considering.

Over the past two years, I have investigated many different yoga and fitness registration systems, including Tula, Zen Planner, KarmaSoft, StudioYou, Union.Fit, Fit Degree, CowTinker, Mind Body, Wellness Living, Omnify, and Offering Tree.

I have created test demos in: Punchpass, My Best Studio, Studio Bookings, Acuity Scheduling (in the Square family), Jumbula.

Step 4. Purchase and go live!

Once you have signed up for your new registration system, follow these steps to go live:

Note: many registration system companies offer onboarding support, and sometimes it is free, so find out what yours includes before you begin set-up.

  1. Export your data from your previous registration system.
  2. Import your data into your new registration system.
  3. Set up payment processing.
  4. Add your upcoming studio offerings into your new registration system.
  5. Update your website – many registration systems offer calendar features that you can cut and paste onto your existing website.
  6. Invite students to your new system and watch your registrations roll in!

Transitioning to a new registration system

Step 1. Get the data you want out of YogaReg

The YogaReg default reports and free form queries may get the job done for you. But if you need more data, I can assist you by creating customized queries (stored in YogaReg under Settings>Free Form Queries) to get the information you want.

Below is a list of custom information that I have formatted for other studio owners in their transition:

Customized Profile Fields

Let’s match your YogaReg data to your new registration system. Did you know that YogaReg stored up to 5 phone numbers and 5 phone types for each student in no specific order? If your new system has separate phone fields, such as Main, Mobile, and Work, I can pull the phone numbers by the correct type. Another “gotcha”: while YogaReg stores two address (Address 1 and Address 2), many other systems only store one address field. In that case, you may want to combine Address 1 + Address 2 into a single Address. I can pull the phone and address information to be loaded accurately as you move forward.

YogaReg Gift Cards

If you have any outstanding YogaReg gift card balances, I can pull more specific information than offered in the default report, such as original purchaser, and how the balance was spent and in which account. Did you know that YogaReg did not attach gift card balances to any specific accounts?

Consolidated Workshop Information

YogaReg offered three parts to every workshop, including the workshop offering, workshop parts, and workshop registration options. Your next registration system may not have a similar tiered structure for workshops, so I can help you to reformat workshop data in a meaningful way.

Class Passes History

I can customize a history list by student of every class pass purchased with details, such as class pass descriptions, lists of every person who bought a class pass, what could be bought with it, and how many credits are still unused on a student’s account.

Private Sessions History

I can customize a student list of every private appointment reserved.

Family Members Details

If you used the Family Member feature of YogaReg, I can customize a list that links family members to the main member. I can also show the Family Member name on past registrations for classes, workshops, and private sessions.

Merchandise Reports

If you used YogaReg to sell merchandise, I can customize a list of sales.

Step 2. Get the data you want to store

Your new system may not be able to load all of the data and history from YogaReg. But you can save that information to reference later. I can run the reports for you whenever you have cut off entering new information into YogaReg.

If you need any assistance, email me at